Diane Stein, M.D. Neurologist, Child Neurologist, Epileptologist

You will never meet another neurologist quite like Dr. Stein. She strives to provide the highest quality compassionate personalized care. 

In Dr. Stein’s extensive experience, especially in care for those with autism and epilepsy, she sees that families needing a neurologist often feel overwhelmed. She prides herself on her exceptional ability to explain complex medical disorders and treatments in a way that anyone will understand. She dedicates herself and her time to insure you know all the options and are confident in making each great decision. This is the path to wellness and EVERY family deserves to live well.

Dr. Stein sees grown-ups who have childhood-onset neurologic disorders, neurogenetic syndromes, developmental disabilities, and/or epilepsy. We have a huge need for neurologists who have expertise in child neurologists and interest in continuing their care into adulthood. When Dr. Stein was in practice with adult neurologist she saw no need for them to see adults with Neurofibromatosis or Tuberous Sclerosis just because the patient was over 18 or 21. The adult neurologists had plenty of people to help with strokes, MS, Parkingson’s disease and more. Even more important, these are her people!

No one becomes too old to be seen by Dr. Stein. No one is too disabled to live better, no one needs to ever give up making life better or answering the question, “Why is this happening to me.” So, if you have a new diagnosis or have had a developmental syndrome from a young age, you are welcome here in our office.

Dr. Stein's Current Professional Activities

As of May 31, 2017 my solo private practice is closed.  Your records will continue to be available until 2037. To have your records sent to your physician or to obtain a copy of your records send Record Request Form  Office@SteinNeurology.com or  fax 949-743-5682.

A select group of patients will continue care with Dr. Stein via house calls, phone or secure video (telemedicine) visists. The majority of patients under Dr. Stein's care are adults with childhood onset neurologic disorders, those with chronic, complex, neuro-developmental or neuro-genetic disorders and those with complex multi-system disorders. 

Some insurance carriers cover telemedicine visits. It is recommended that you check if your insurance carrier will reimburse for telemedicine visits. Visits are scheduled for 30 min or 60 min.  To inquire about telemedicine or housecalls with Dr. Stein please contact the office.  

The public is welcome to schedule telephone or secure video time for Dr. Stein to explain reports and to review general risk, benefits and alternatives for treatment or place other medical information into plain straightforward English.  


Is this the Dr. Stein that used to work in Stein Life Child Neurology? 

Yes, that was my business in which I had a receptionist, medical assistant, Board Certified Registered EEG technologist and a business manager (not a healthcare provider) to provide for a busy medical business.  

How do we contact you now that the practice is closing? 

My contact information will not change: email: office@SteinNeurology.com or fax: 949-743-5682 or leave a voice mail 949-743-5678.

What if I need care before I can be seen by another neurologist? 

Thereafter please ask your primary care provider for assistance if you have an emergency. You may also contact me via above contact information for assistance with non-urgent matters. 

Who works with you now? 

I will be managing telemedicine practice directly.  Brandy Lewis continues to work remotely, part time providing office-type support such as assisting in releasing records, finishing up billing from practice.  To contact her (the office) email: office@SteinNeurology.com or fax: 949-743-5682 or leave a voice mail 949-743-5678. 

I need help immediately, what do I do?

 If you have an emergency call 911 immediately. If you have a pressing need, please contact your primary care provider or go to an urgent care center. If you have Dr. Stein's personal cell phone number you may attempt to reach her urgently, please anticipate being charged for this urgent telephone visit. Always contact your primary care provider as well.  

I need a refill on a prescription, what should I do?

Please defer to your primary care provider or new neurologist.  The pharmacy can forward a refill request to Dr. Stein's fax if needed.

Will you be billing insurance providers after 5/31/2017? 

No, all services will be offered after payment or credit card authorization has been received. Billing has been a very big part of the reason to close my medical practice. 

What will you do now Dr. Stein? 

Now I am an Assistant Clinical Professor of Neurology at UC Riverside, I  look forward to  teaching medical students and residents, I am also enjoying my work as a "locums tenens" or Per Diem traveling doctor covering inpatient and outpatient pediatric neurology needs for regions and hospitals underserved.  It is a joy to be meeting so many new providers and medical group support staff. I am licensed in California, New Mexico and Illinois.

Dr. Stein's Qualifications

Dr. Stein achieved two bachelor’s degrees from UC San Diego in Psychology and Animal Physiology. She graduated with an MD from Chicago Medical School. She completed a Neurology residency and Pediatrics residency followed by Pediatric Neurology Fellowship at UC Irvine. She trained with nationally recognized specialists in Pediatric Epilepsy, Autism, Autoimmune Neurologic Disorders and Neuro-Radiology. After Neurology, Pediatrics, and Pediatric Neurology training she boarded in both Pediatrics and Neurology with Special Competence in Child Neurology. Dr. Stein is currently a board eligible Epileptologist.  She continues to stay up to date with yearly attendance of the American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting as well as membership and academic association with the International League Against Epilepsy, Child Neurology Association, American Neurologic Association, American Association of Neurology, CMA, OCMA and AMA.   Contact the office for a copy of Dr. Stein's CV.